Alison Tyler Bio

Alison Tyler BiographyAlison Tyler is a tall brunette pornstar who takes a business approach to the industry. She is extremely naughty on camera and no-nonsense off of it. She loves what she does and feels that it has enabled her to truly harness her sexual side and celebrate it to the fullest, but she isn’t about to let all of her hard work get wasted by being consumed in the party aspect of it all. She is the ultimate blend of smart and seductive.

Alison was born January 5, 1990 in Orange County, California. She is the daughter of a Marine and spent her youth riding horses, camping, learning how to fix things, and participating in sports. Always athletic, she played volleyball for 8 years and competed in rodeos all throughout college, as well as taking part in the college row team. She has also dabbled in fitness competitions and fitness modeling. To this day, she makes a point of getting to the gym 7 days a week without exception. She is working on getting her certification in Bikram Yoga and hopes to have her own studio one day.

Before entering into the adult industry, Alison worked for Green Peace. She was a canvasser and activist as well as a college student. She had no idea what she wanted to do with her life, but that all changed after she started giving a friend rides to porn shoots. One day a director approached her asking if she would be interested in becoming talent and she decided to go for it. She hadn’t been with many guys before joining the business, but she wasn’t shy about trying it out. She soon discovered just how much she truly loved sex and thrived when placed in front of the camera. Her favorite scenes to shoot are threesomes so that she can be with a man and a woman at once. She is very happily bi-sexual and claims to have had her very first sexual experiences with another girl.

Since making her debut as a pornstar in 2010, the 5’11” Amazon has been in close to 130 films with that number increasing all of the time. Her fit 36D-30-34 figure can be seen in all sorts of shoots from solo to lesbian, to explicit hardcore. She performs blowjobs, facials, anal, masturbation, dominance, submission, and many other energetic erotic acts without inhibition.

When she isn’t filming sex scenes or doing nude modeling, she can be found near her home, soaking up the sun on the beach. She also enjoys hiking, painting, sculpting, and refinishing furniture. She is a goddess of many talents and her hottest are online for you to watch!

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